Residential Shelters

RFC Portables offers garages, storage and garden sheds that provide a home for your valuable investments keeping them safe and secure in a convenient, easily accessible space of their own. Attractive dog kennels with attached storage keep Fido and all his necessities out of your spaces.

A portable building can be constructed in less time than it takes to erect a conventional building at a lower cost. Warranties on the building's roof and steel will increase your peace of mind and virtually no maintenance will increase the time you have to spend with the items housed in your new building.

We vow to provide a quality building that is manufactured and constructed of the highest grade materials. Comprehensive warranties on exterior materials come standard on RFC Portable buildings. Our portable buildings are delivered fully assembled, which means that use can begin immediately upon delivery. Constructed in our fabrication facility, it also means there's no mess at your property!

We can build to your specific needs and match existing structures. Please contact us for additional sizing and options.

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