Custom Shelters

If you dream it, we will build it!  We can custom build just about anything you may require.  Any color, any shape and any size, up to 20' wide by 32' long and 15' in total height.

Made For You – And Nobody Else
There’s no substitute for being able to say that you helped design your building. Whether it’s a simple update to an existing style or a completely start-from-scratch idea that perfectly matches your existing structures, we’ll help make your vision a reality.

Designed For Functional Style
Some people like a straightforward building whose options are functional as they are streamlined. Others prefer a more exquisite design that’s functional and aesthetically pleasing. Both have style and function. Are you clean and simple, extravagant and polished or, somewhere in the middle?

Built For Today And Tomorrow
Our buildings are built with you in mind. If you purchase a building to move or have an existing building you’re thinking about fixing, chances are there are things that aren’t designed for your specific needs and what you’ll want later. Whether you need space for a growing herd or portability between pastures, we’ll design a building that meets your needs today and tomorrow.

Located Where You Want
Building a custom portable and having it delivered means you can put it where you’d like without the mess of construction crews at your site. Or you can introduce a shelter on once barren pasture. It’s all up to you. Existing outbuildings may have been built and situated without your needs in mind and are stuck there. Portables can be moved as much or as little as needed and can be taken with you should you move. We can even guide you on how to move your building if you’d need to.

A Sound Investment
When you build a custom building with RFC Portables you can be sure of quality construction and materials. With manufacturer’s warranties from industry leaders you can be completely confident in what you’re buying.

Build Around Your Budget
We promise our buildings are the most affordable in custom portable buildings with comparable materials and we can prove it.  Our inside line with many suppliers allows us access to quality materials for the best value at the best price. Other building designs may force you to pay for space or features you may not want or need. When you build custom, you have the freedom to choose where you invest your dollars.

Live Efficiently
Unlike many building styles out there that will require costly repairs down the road, RFC Portables are built with longevity in mind.  Our network of industry leading suppliers are known to provide and share our desire and quality.  Costly repairs need not apply. We’ll also partner with you throughout the design process to help identify your needs, so your building has everything you want and none of the things you don’t.

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